Mark Tanzi Bio

With a career spanning over several decades, Mark has set his sights on continued success as one of America’s leading designers.

From his childhood days of playing in the abandoned gold mines in the heart of the gold rush foothills to exploring the origins of South East Asia’s treasured gemstones, Mark has been committed to bringing only the best to his clients.

Mark has spent many years as a master jeweler, certified gemologist (American Gem Society), graduate gemologist with Honors (Gemological Institute of America), diamond dealer, colored stone dealer and a proud member of the Jewelers board of trade as well as the Gemological institute of America alumni association. Mark has been commissioned by some of America’s most trend setting and well known wholesalers and retailers. “I have sold fine diamonds and finished luxury items to nearly every major metro area in the U.S.” says Mark.

With a vision of keeping quality in the minds of jewelry buyers, Mark has offered only the finest craftsmanship and materials in his collection. “Our industry has changed, and is going to continue to change”. Mark believes that the jewelry industry has evolved into a state where it has become increasingly more difficult to survive as a retail jeweler. “The corporate America mentality has hurt the American jewelry retailer…… the importer, the distributer, the sales manager, the district manager, these things add up to profit. This very scenario makes it difficult for the retailers to purchase an item at wholesale and offer it for sale to the public”. Mark’s goal is to continue to offer the highest quality at the best prices. By wearing many hats and managing many facets of the company, Mark is able to streamline the supply of some of our markets finest designs and best selling luxury items.

Whether you want a design with your personal influence or one of our best sellers, you can be assured that at Mark Tanzi will provide you with a luxury item matched by no other.